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Showing more options during a search
Showing more options during a search

Get more choices and filters when searching for your ideal trip !

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For flights

Click the See all flights button on the search results page (you'll find it below the flight recommendation cards). 

This will allows you to find and sort through flights other than those initially suggested by Fairjungle : use the filters on the left to refine your search (by the way, that's what our algorithm does for you).


Click the See all trains button, just below our recommendation boxes.

You will then be able to choose your itinerary, transport class, and level of ticket flexibility.

If you wish to depart from a specific station, for example London St Pancras, you can change the departure station in the "Trains from" field at the top left, and add "London St Pancras".


Click the See all hotels button below the three recommandations.

You will get a list, on the left and a map, on the right, to help you pick the best hotel !

N.B : To scroll through the list of hotels, place your mouse pointer over the list before scrolling with your mouse or directional arrows.

If you click on a hotel in the list, you will see all available fares for this establishment :

You can also apply filters through the top right Filters button :

The hotel list will then be updated according to the filters chosen.

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