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What to do when my booking requires prior approval ?

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In some cases, your trip must be approved by a manager.

Book your trip as you normally would by choosing the hotel and transportation options that suit you best and select Ask for approval.

Your project will then move to the approbation queue.

The approver assigned to you by your administrator will receive an e-mail to notify them an approval is pending; they will be able to approve your booking directly from their account or by clicking on the link in the e-mail.

You will receive a booking confirmation once your trip has been approved.

If the departure date is approaching and you still have not received any booking confirmation, this means either:

  • That your trip has been refused - in that case, you receive an email to notify you and to invite you to make a new search

  • That the approval is still pending

To find out, there are two official sources of information : your approver or our team!

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