There are three ways to add new users to your account.

Option 1: The user can add themselves by logging-in for the first time

New users with your organization's email domain can register themselves on the platform. The process is detailed here.

Once their account is created you can modify some information such as role or billing profile. You can also associate a cost center to their profile. If the user entered their passport information on the platform you can also make reservations on their behalf (see how here).

Feel free to use this email template to introduce the platform within your organization.

Option 2: Add a user via the admin section

You can also add a user by going to the Admin section. Then click on User and again on Add User.

You will need to complete the form and click Save. The fields are outlined below:

  • First name and last name of the new user 

  • Work e-mail

  • Role: Admin to make them an additional admin or Manager to make them an approver (only in the case the Validation module is active)

  • Validator: choose a validator from the drop-down list (only in the case the Validation module is active)

  • Billing profile: choose a billing profile from the drop-down menu

  • Cost center: choose a cost center from the drop-down menu (optional; only in the case cost centers have been activated)

You can now search for flights on behalf of the user. The traveller's passport information is mandatory in order to book a flight.

Option 3: Send us your users' data and we will add them for you

Contact us at, we will send you a spreadsheet to complete with their information so we can do the legwork for you.

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