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[Admin] Adding a new user
[Admin] Adding a new user

Easily add new travellers to the platform

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To add a new user, as an administrator, you have two options.

Option 1 : Add a user via your admin area

You can add a user by going to your Admin area.

Click Users, then Add User.

Fill in the information requested :

  • First name and last name of the new user 

  • Professionnal e-mail address

  • Role: Admin to make them an additional admin, or Manager to make them an approver (only if trip approbation is required)

  • Validator: choose a validator from the drop-down list (only in the case the Validation module is active)

  • Billing profile: choose a billing profile from the drop-down menu

  • Cost center : choose a cost center from the drop-down menu (optional; only in the case cost centers have been activated)

Don't hesitate to check the little box at the end if you want to send them an invitation email. It will help them to finalize the creation of their account.

To book a flight for them, remember to get their passport information. It is mandatory for flight bookings.

Option 2 : Send us your users' data and we will add them for you

If you have too much users to add them manually, contact us at We will send you an Excel file to be complete with their information so we can do add them for you.

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