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[Admin] How to activate and set up cost centers ?
[Admin] How to activate and set up cost centers ?

Create and manage multiple cost centers for your employees

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The cost center allows you to group your users by business unit within your company. It is specially useful for your accounting team, as it allows them to know the exact origin of the expenses carried in the excel extracts.

As an administrator, you can create and manage them autonomously.

I. Activate cost centers

To activate the cost center, go to your Admin area and then to the Settings tab. You will also have the option to make them mandatory for all your users :

Once the cost centers have been activated, you will be able to assign each user to the correct cost center, provided they have been created in advance.

II. How to create a cost center ?

To create a cost center :

  • Go to your Admin area, click on the cost centers tab and then on Add a cost center

  • You must then give a name to the cost center you wish to create and save.

III. How to assign a cost center to a user ?

Now that your cost centers have been created, you can assign them to all your users:

  • Go to the Admin > Users tab

  • Search for the right employee, then click on the icon allowing to modify a user profile

  • Select the name of the desired cost center from the drop-down list, which includes the previously created cost centers :

  • Click Save to finalize the change.

IV. How do I show the name of the cost center on an invoice?

If your Fairjungle account is set up for immediate billing, it is possible to add analytical fields to your invoices.

The example below is an invoice with the cost center / cost centers analytical field.

If you want to add Cost center / Cost Centers to your invoices, please contact your Account Manager who will be able to set them up on your Fairjungle account !

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