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Booking an off-platform hotel

What to do if you can't find the hotel you want

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Can't find the hotel you are looking for? Our Customer Care agents will help.

Send an email to indicating the hotel you want to book and we'll process your request offline. Please include the details of your reservation, including: 

  • Name for whom the booking should be made (should be a Fairjungle user)

  • Arrival and departure dates

  • Room type 

  • Any additional required options (e.g., breakfast included, cancellation conditions)

Please note the booking can only be made if the hotel accepts prepayment of the full booking.

Our goal is for you to instantly book all the hotels you really want directly online. To that effect we are constantly diversifying our hotel offering by onboarding new partners and your feedback is most welcome.

Note: To offer you the best price/quality ratio, our algorithm displays all hotels with at least 3 stars and 8/10 ratings on TripAdvisor.

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