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Understanding flight information
Understanding flight information

How to navigate Fairjungle's flight cards

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Once you have started your flight search, you will be able to find all the necessary information at a glance on our recommendation cards.

For each part of the itinerary, the name of the airline is displayed in the middle section.

The departure time and airport are shown on the left-hand side of the card, and the arrival time and airport on the right-hand side.

The arrival time and date are shown in yellow when the flight arrives the day after the departure date.

To find out the class of fare offered (Economy, Business, or Premium Economy), simply look at the indication next to the name of the airline:

At the bottom of each box, a note will tell you if the ticket is modifiable, cancellable, and if the fare includes checked baggage.

The colour code allows you to quickly identify the conditions of the flight fare:

For the conditions of modification :

Red = the flight is not modifiable

Orange = the flight can be modified with fees and a possible fare adjustment

Green = the flight can be modified without fees, but with a possible fare adjustment if the initial class booked is no longer available.

As for the conditions in case of cancellation :

Red = flight is not refundable

Orange = flight is refundable with penalties applied by the airline

Green = flight is refundable

If you select a fare without hold baggage, don't worry, this option, provided it is available from the airline, will be offered to you at a later stage before you finalise your booking.

The total duration of the flight is indicated under the airline name.

In the event of a stopover, the connection time included in the total duration of the flight will be indicated in dotted red:

The location and duration of the stopover can be found in the flight detail view, which can be accessed by clicking on the gear at the top right of the recommendation card.

It's that simple!

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