To log to Fairjungle for the first time, simply follow these steps:

  • Register: choose Sign Up and use your professional email address

  • Determine the password of your choice

  • Confirm your registration by clicking on the link we send you by email

Then log in:

  • Email: your professional email address

  • Password: the one you chose when you registered

Once connected, a window will appear, and you will have to fill in some information:

  • Civility, last name, first name and date of birth

  • Preferred seating in the airplane from the drop-down list and loyalty program, if applicable

  • Phone number

  • Payment profile from the drop-down list. Your payment profile is the payment method to which you are linked. If in doubt, contact your account administrator.

You can now book your business trips on Fairjungle. Let's go!

To find out how to book a trip, click here.

If you are getting an error, it is possible that your company account requires for your profile to be created before you can sign up. In this case, you can contact our team at or your company's Fairjungle administrator.

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