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Changing your Flight or Hotel Booking
Changing your Flight or Hotel Booking

How to cancel or modify a booking

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Plans changed or not completely satisfied with your flight and/or hotel choice?
Let our Customer Care team know what you want to change or cancel and we'll take care of it right away.

If you want to change your train ticket, you will figure out how right here.

For general inquiries (changing your date of travel, cancellations, adding luggage, picking a seat, adding insurance, adding airline loyalty card details, etc.) please write to us at

For urgent inquiries, please contact us by tchat or by SMS at +33 7 57 59 37 00.


  • Some fare types do not allow cancellation or modification 

  • Depending on your flight's fare rules, fees may apply. Our team will notify you of potential fees before confirming any changes

  • Some cancellations or modification requests may not be addressable once check-in is open

  • Refunds after flight and hotel cancellations are not always guaranteed

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