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[Admin] How does the approval system work ?
[Admin] How does the approval system work ?

Setting up and managing trip validation on the platform

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If you want to track your employees' expenses on Fairjungle, we have created a tool that allows you to set up an approval process for your travel policies. This approval system can be :

  • Full : all trips will be subject to approval.

  • Conditional : only out-of-policy trips will need to be approved

  • A notification only : a notification is sent to the manager for each booking. Unlike the approval process, it does not restrict the booking.

If you wish to activate this type of setup, please contact your Account Manager.

Setting-up the approval system for your users

  • Once the approval system is activated, it is applied to the associated travel policy

  • It is necessary that at least one user has a Manager role in order for them to be selected as an approver for other users

  • Each user must be assigned to an approver (Admin > Users > Edit > Manager)

  • Each user can only have one approver

Once your user has an assigned approver, they simply need to search for transportation and/or a hotel. At the end of the booking process, instead of the "Book" button, they will be able to "Ask for approval".

An e-mail will immediately be sent to their assigned Manager with a summary of the trip to be approved.

To approve the trip, the Manager can either click the link in the email or go to their "Approvals" area on their account :

Once the booking is accepted, the traveler receives their booking confirmation by e-mail.

If the trip was declined by the manager, the user will also be notified, so they can then search for an alternative.

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