If trip validation is important for your organization, we can easily set it up. Please speak to your account manager.

Prior to doing any configuration, please confirm the validation module has been activated.

Configuring validation for your users

  • Once the module has been activated, all bookings across the entire organization are subject to validation

  • One or more users must be given a Manager role (do so via the Users tab in the Admin section); Managers will approve traveller trip requests

  • Every user must be allocated a Manager (again, do so via the Users tab in the Admin section); a user can only have a single Manager

When users search for trips, instead of Book and pay, they will now see Ask for approval on the final trip summary page, which they should click to proceed.

An e-mail will immediately be sent to their designated Manager with a summary of the trip to be approved. The Manager will need to click on the link in the email but he is also able to access the validation on his account, where they will see both the details of the booking (with updated pricing) and alternative search results. The Manager can then either Decline this trip or Approve this trip.

If the booking is approved, the booking will be immediately issued and the traveller will receive a confirmation by email that the reservation has been approved.

If the trip has been declined, the user will also be notified and they can then search another alternative.

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