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[Admin] How to activate and set up project codes ?
[Admin] How to activate and set up project codes ?

Adding and managing project codes users can add to their bookings

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Project codes allow you to specify the reason for your business trips.

As an administrator, you can create and manage them autonomously on the platform.

I. Activate project codes

To activate the project codes from your Admin area, simply go to the Settings tab. You can also make this option mandatory for each reservation :

If you choose to activate them, your users will be able to fill them in for each flight, train and/or hotel booking they make. You will have to create them beforehand.

II. How to create a project code ?

Once the project codes are activated, you will need to add them so that your employees can add them to their bookings. Here are the steps to follow :

  • Go to your Admin area, click the Project Codes tab and then on Add a project code

  • You will then have to fill in the following fields :

  1. The Code will appear in the dropdown list at the end of the booking. This value will also appear in the excel extracts.

  2. The Project name allows you to give more details to your employees about the project code in question (e.g : seminar, sales trip, business meeting...). You can hide the project name by checking the Confidential box.

  • Click Save and you're ready to go ! Repeat the operation as many times as necessary to create all your project codes.

III. Can the project code appear on an invoice?

If your Fairjungle account is set up for immediate billing, it is possible to add project codes to your invoices.

If you want to add the Project code to your individual invoices, contact your Account Manager who will be able to set them up on your Fairjungle account!

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