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Checking the status of my flight
Checking the status of my flight

How to know if my flight is scheduled to fly

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A gradual resumption of scheduled flights has allowed for greater reliability when flying. While it remains true that many flights could be cancelled last minute, the majority now on sale typically depart as scheduled.

Nonetheless, some routes are more susceptible to changes or cancellations. If such a change or cancellation affects your journey, you will normally be informed in advance by either Fairjungle's Customer Care team or by the airline itself. 

If you have yet to receive any update and you'd like to confirm, you have 2 options:

  • Go to the airline's website. From there:

  1. Access the My Reservation or My Booking section

  2. Enter your name and booking reference (typically 6 characters and can be found in your booking confirmation email)

  • Reach out to Fairjungle's Customer Care team directly via the in-platform chat or by email (

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