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Airports: new measures and status updates
Airports: new measures and status updates

Information for passengers flying during the pandemic

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, several new safety measures have been introduced in many airports. Most importantly, expect additional delays and plan extra time for your journey.

What are some measures you can expect?

  • Completing a medical history questionnaire to determine the likelihood you are infected and for potential contact tracing should you become ill

  • Screening of passengers for high temperature and Covid-19 symptoms resulting in longer queues at check-in, security, boarding, and other areas

  • Electronic check-in to minimising queuing at the main check-in desk to increase social distancing

  • Requirements to wear face masks throughout the airport 

We highly recommend following World Health Organization advice while travelling.

If you need information about an airport that is not mentioned in our list, feel free to contact us through chat or email at Our Customer Care team is here to help.

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