Booking future trips

I have to make a reservation for an upcoming trip. What advice could you give me?

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Planning a trip in the coming weeks but, like everyone else, uncertain of how everything will pan out? We're here to help.

Before making your booking, we recommend you consult our note on Covid-related restrictions here. It also contains a link to a tool that outlines travel restrictions based on itinerary, travel date, and traveller nationality.

When booking a flight on Fairjungle, we recommend you stick to the principals of your travel policy. Although it may be tempting to book a fully flexible ticket, they come at very high premiums. Furthermore, most airlines are offering full reimbursements or vouchers if travel is disrupted due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

If a must, flights can still be booked with additional flexibility. To learn how to add and select flexibility on your flights, please read this note.

If you have any further questions about future bookings, please contact us by chat or email (  

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