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[Admin] How to make a user an Admin, Manager or Accountant
[Admin] How to make a user an Admin, Manager or Accountant

As an admin, you can easily assign administrator, manager or accountant rights to different users

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Once you have added a new user to your account, you have the possibility to assign them the role of administrator, manager or accountant.

To start, access the list of your account's users.

Then, you need to choose the profile you want to modify and click on the pencil to edit it.

Once you are on the given user's profile, you can assign them the designated roles.

The Admin role allows you to make the user an additional admin (they will then have the same status as you and have access to the Admin-only section: Subscription, Settings, Billing profiles, etc.).

The Manager role allows you to make the user a trip approver. If the Validation Module is not active, the Manager role will have no function.

The Accountant status enables an advisory access to the accounting part of the Admin tab.

Save the changes and you're done.

Note: The roles are cumulative. It is also possible to make administrator, manager or accountant assignments when you first create a user in essentially the same way.

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