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Which rate to choose in the era of Covid?
Which rate to choose in the era of Covid?

In such an uncertain context, how can you make sure you don't lose money as a result of a change in your trip?

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Travel is very influenced by the health situation, so the dilemma is always whether to opt for a flexible fare or take the risk of losing your ticket.

This uncertain context translates into two notable behaviors:

  • cancellation of the stay by the traveller

  • or the cancellation of the flight by the airline itself

This has at least one advantage, which is the flexibility offered by airlines. A large majority of airlines offer at least one free modification of the ticket before the departure date. Bearing in mind that a flexible fare sometimes costs double the cheapest fare, it may be preferable to choose the standard fare and have the option to change your trip afterwards.

If one chooses the standard fare and the company does not offer the change fee, buying a new ticket may be more advantageous, especially for low-cost airlines.

Let's take EasyJet as an example, which has waived its change fees up to 14 days before departure:

If you decide to change your flight less than 14 days before the deadline, a fee of 43€ applies, regardless of the type of flight you take (short, medium, or long-haul). If it is a domestic flight, such as a Paris-Nice, it will then be more advantageous for you to buy a new ticket (which will cost you around 30€) than to pay a modification fee in addition to a fare adjustment.

In conclusion, if we take into account this great flexibility granted by the airlines, the best is :

1. To check whether a free modification is authorized before departure, regardless of the fare booked

2. If yes, to choose the cheapest fare and make the change free of charge afterward

2. 1. If not, buy a new ticket, in the case of a low-cost flight

If you are unsure about airline exchange policies, you can refer to this article or contact us (by email or chat) so that we can check the conditions for modifying your booking.

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