How to use my voucher?

If you have canceled your trip or if the airline has canceled your flight, you have probably received a voucher. How should you use it?

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Have you cancelled your trip, or has the airline cancelled your flight? If you decide not to postpone your trip, the airline will most likely provide you with a voucher for the amount of your original ticket. So how should you use it?

First of all, it is important to note that :

1) The voucher is nominative. This means that it can only be used for the initial traveller. It is non-transferable and the name on the voucher cannot be changed, even by paying a fee.

2) The voucher must be used with the airline initially chosen.

3) The voucher is valid for 12 to 18 months depending on the airline. With some airlines, it is refundable if it has not been used during its period of validity. With other airlines, the voucher will be lost if it is not used.

4) Depending on the airline, some vouchers are divisible, i.e. they can be expensed over several times. In this case, you can book a ticket for a smaller amount than that of your initial ticket and you can then keep a balance of the voucher, which could be used later.

You now have a voucher that you could reuse for a trip with the same airline.

To deduct the voucher's amount from your next ticket, contact us before making your reservation at with your voucher number. We will take care of applyinh the discount on your next ticket!

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