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How to prepare my trip in Covid times
How to prepare my trip in Covid times

A few tips on how to prepare for your business trip and how to stay safe during your stay.

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Now that your plane, train or hotel tickets have been booked on Fairjungle, it's time for you to prepare your trip! In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to guarantee you a safe stay, here are the different steps to follow before, during and after your trip:

Before leaving

A few days before leaving, don't forget to check the sanitary and administrative measures in place in your destination. Several resources are available to help you do this:

The day before departure

Make sure that :

  • Your flight schedule has not been changed - if this is the case, you would normally have been notified by email. If you are nevertheless in doubt about the status of your flight, you can check its status online

  • You have all the necessary documents for entering the territory (in addition to your standard travel documents)

  • You are in possession of a surgical mask, which is now compulsory on most flights

If you have any doubts about the documents you need to provide at the airport or when you arrive at your destination, do not hesitate to write to us via the chat or at

During the trip

In order to guarantee your safety, make sure you respect the regulations (barrier gestures, wearing masks etc.) imposed by the local authorities.

After the trip

If you have been exposed to possible contact with the virus, take the measures recommended by the health authorities: preventive quarantine, testing and monitoring for the appearance of potential symptoms (taking your temperature regularly, etc.).

Find here the recommendations (in french) of the Health Insurance.

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