If you have a discount card (carte Liberté, carte Avantage Jeune, carte Week-end...) or are part of the Programme Voyageur (Carte Voyageur, Grand Voyageur, Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club), you can input your card number in your Fairjungle profile.

During your trip research, the different cards will be taken into account and Fairjungle will offer you adapted rates! This will also cumulate trips onto your loyalty program.

So here's how to proceed:

1) Go to your profile by clicking on your first name in the top right-hand corner

2) Click on the section you wish to fill in

For your loyalty program

Fill in the name of the card and its number

For your discount card

Fill in the name of the card, its number and expiry date

You are ready to book your train tickets!

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