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How to optimise the price of my booking
How to optimise the price of my booking

A few tips on how to find the cheapest possible ticket on Fairjungle!

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When booking a trip for personal purposes, it might have come to your attention that prices increase if you perform the same search several times in a row, especially on airline websites.

Good news! At Fairjungle we don't use any cookies so your searches are not tracked.

However, we are dependent on suppliers' "dynamic" pricing system. This means that the price of your ticket may vary according to different criteria:

  • The train or plane's occupancy rate

  • The trip's dates (holidays, Christmas period, weekends...)

  • Anticipation (the earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket will be!)

In a nutshell, here are some ways to fully optimise the price of your ticket:

  1. Book in advance, even if you have to take a flexible ticket that can be changed free of charge

  2. Choose lightly filled trains or planes (early in the morning or late in the evening). They will be cheaper.

  3. Take a look at departures the day before and the day after as they can be cheaper - a departure on Monday morning will always be cheaper than a departure on Sunday evening

  4. Check if you are eligible for an SNCF discount card (carte Avantage Jeune, carte Liberté...)

You are now ready to find the best train tickets within a few minutes on Fairjungle!

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