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How to find a specific hotel
How to find a specific hotel

If you are used to stay in a specific hotel, here's how to find it easily on Fairjungle

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You can find any hotel on Fairjungle, simply with its name. Here's how to do it in two simple steps:

In your search form, directly enter the name of the hotel in the Destination field:

If the hotel offers fare in accordance with your company's travel policy, it will be displayed in the 3 recommandations. If not, you can find it by clicking See all hotels

The hotel will then appear in the first results !

If the hotel you are looking for does not appear in the list, it is most likely booked up. You can ask us by chat and we will check its availability for your dates on our side.

Note : If you forgot to enter your exact destination address in the search form, there's no need to go back to fill it in. You can update the results directly in the "See all hotels" section :

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