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Booking a trip
Adding flexibility to your booking (Flex fare)
Adding flexibility to your booking (Flex fare)

How to book a trip you can modify or cancel ?

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Would you like to book a flight or a train at the Flex fare? Nothing's easier!

For flights

  • Once you fill in your trip information and click on the Search button, you will be directed to the recommendation page :

  • Simply choose an option for transportation and/or accommodation and select Book for €XXX.

  • You are now on the booking summary page that will allow you to add flexibility by choosing the Flex fare. As a result, the price and flexibility (change flight/cancellation policy) will be automatically updated.

All it takes is to Confirm your choices and you're done!

Note: This option is not available for every airline nor every flight. After the booking, if you wish to cancel or modify your flight, please contact us at Our Customer Care agents will get back to you as soon as possible.

For trains

  • Click on 'See all trains' to view all available offers

  • Select the outward and then your return in Flex fare either in 2nd or 1st class

  • The following conditions then apply - regardless of the booking class

  • A summary is then displayed on this page with a reminder of the fare chosen for the outward and return journey and the associated conditions

Attention: for TER, Thalys, and Eurostar trains the conditions of the flex fares are different, please consult them before proceeding with the reservation!

For hotels

To access all available fares for an establishment, you can click use the gears icon on the recommandation offer :

You can also click on the hotel from the See all hotels page's list.

The list of available fares will be presented, and you will be able to select a flexible fare as needed :

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