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How Fairjungle works
My max budget for transport and hotel
My max budget for transport and hotel

How is the budget limit shown at top right calculated?

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Fairjungle offers you 3 accommodation and transportation recommendations for your trip, guided by a maximum budget, thanks to its intelligent algorithm.

  • For the hotel, this maximum budget is fixed : it depends on pre-set thresholds for each city according to the travel policy.

  • For transportation, the maximum budget is dynamic : it depends on your search parameters (e.g., desired departure and arrival times, dates), the company's travel policy (e.g., second-class train instead of first-class), and real-time market prices and availability. An average price is then generated : this is your recommended maximum budget for the journey.

Our recommendation algorithm also utilizes Machine Learning to find the option that best aligns with your travel habits (your favorite hotels are highlighted).

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