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[Admin] What is the Green Policy ?
[Admin] What is the Green Policy ?

How to implement an eco-friendly travel policy ?

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If CSR policy (corporate social responsibility) and the reduction of CO2 emissions in particular are among your priorities, Fairjungle has developed an option to control it by setting your travel policy.

Please notify your account manager who will activate it for you.

Fairjungle's Green Policy allows you to promote train recommendations to encourage a better CSR policy within your company.

  • The train will be recommended on routes where this type of transport is available and relevant.

  • Air travel remains possible but does not appear on Fairjungle's recommendations. Your employees' behavior is therefore naturally oriented towards a more economical and ecological choice.

Example : Paris - London

Before the Green Policy is activated

After the Green Policy is activated

After you start your trip research, you will be directed to a new page where you can see our 3 recommendations for transportation. The tags #Green and #Alternatives on the boxes above mean that these trips are more ecological or economical.

Remember that Fairjungle offers 3 transportation recommendations, for your trip, thanks to its intelligent and dynamic algorithm.

These recommendations depend on your search parameters (e.g. desired departure time), your company's travel policy and real-time market prices.

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