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[Admin] How to collect your invoices on the platform
[Admin] How to collect your invoices on the platform

Collect your invoices in a few minutes !

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Once issued, your invoices will be automatically emailed to the address you provided when setting up your billing profile.

However, there is an easy way to collect your invoices on the platform, as long as you have the adequate role to do so :

  • As an Admin user

  • As an Accountant user, which is allowed to view the accounting part of the Admin section, from the Invoices and Operations tabs.

All you need is to go to the Admin section, and click the Invoices tab. You will find a list of your invoices issued depending on your billing method (immediate payment / monthly billing).

You can download the invoice in PDF format, by clicking on the "eye" icon.

Should you have any further questions, your Account Manager will be happy to help :)

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