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Monthly payments to simplify your accounting

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To simplify accounting management, we offer the monthly invoicing option, significantly reducing the number of invoices.

Indeed, with immediate invoicing, each reservation generates a separate invoice.

By transitioning to monthly billing, you'll receive one invoice per month, per billing profile : each invoice consolidates all the month's transactions for active payment profiles.

Monthly invoices are systematically sent on the 1st day of the following month after consumption. Therefore, all trips booked in January will be invoiced on February 1st.

To easily access information about various reservations, as an Admin, you can navigate to your Operations tab. There, you can download an Excel file containing this data.

Below is an example of a monthly invoice :

Monthly billing is available starting from the Essential plan. For any changes to your plan, feel free to reach out to your sales contact, who will assist you through the process.

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