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How can I approve trips if one of the managers is not available ?

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You are an administrator on Fairjungle and one of your manager is on vacation ? You can intervene on his or her trips waiting to be validated on Fairjungle.

Validate trips for an absent manager :

  • Go to your Admin space > Users

  • Enter the name of the absent manager and click on the hand icon to access the trips waiting for validation :

  • Select the validation request in the section TRIPS TO APPROVE :

  • You can then choose to approve or decline the reservation :

Changing the validator

In the case of a prolonged absence of the manager, you can also assign a new manager to a user. Please note that this will only take into account future validation requests. Requests made before the change will remain assigned to the original approver.

  • Go to the Admin > Users

  • Type the name of the concerned employee and click on the icon allowing to modify his profile :

  • Select the name of the new approver from the drop-down list and click save :

  • When the manager returns, you can take the same step to make him the manager of the affected users again. Again, this will only take into account future approbation requests.

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