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[Admin] Invite a team member to join Fairjungle
[Admin] Invite a team member to join Fairjungle

How to invite an employee to sign up on Fairjungle ?

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As an admin user, you can invite a team member to join Fairjungle in two ways :

  • Simply send them the following link :, so they can sign up to the platform.

  • Invite them from your Admin area : they will then receive an invitation e-mail to finalize their registration and make their first bookings.

But did you know that you can not only invite them, but also send them a reminder to sign-up on Fairjungle ?

I. How to invite a team member to use their new business travel tool

If you want to invite another person from your Fairjungle account, you can do so by following the steps below :

  • Go to your Admin space, click Users and then press the Add user button.

  • You must then fill in the new user's fields : first name, last name, email, preferred language, etc.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the option to "Send invite email" :

  • If you leave the box checked, an invitation e-mail will be sent to the new user by Fairjungle. By clicking "Accept Invitation" the sign-in process will start.

    The steps to register on the platform are detailed right here.

Note : If you do not want an employee to sign-in and use their account autonomously, uncheck the box when adding them.

II. How to resend the invitation to someone who has not used Fairjungle yet ?

If you have done one of the two procedures mentioned above and your associate has still not signed up, we invite you to follow the steps below to get them to register :

  • Go to your Admin area, click Users and search for the user's profile by typing their name in the search box. Then, click the eye icon.

  • On the "Invite email" line, click "Send email" to send the invitation e-mail again.

This way, they will get a reminder to complete the sign-up process.

  • After they sign-up to the platform, they will receive a welcome email allowing them to take their first steps on Fairjungle by clicking "Get started".

    This email is automatically sent after the user registers.

Now, your new user is finally ready to book their next trip!

Please feel free to contact or your dedicated account manager if you would like to be guided in the adoption of Fairjungle, useful tools and resources can be provided.

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