Within the New page, fill in the departure and arrival cities for your journey — our search algorithm also supports door-to-door searches based on specific addresses (e.g., home, work, meeting location, points interest).

Enter your desired departure and return date and time and select the traveler for whom the trip is being booked. Now click Search.

We will quickly search through hundreds of airlines, multiple classes of service, and over a million properties and our recommendation engine will show you the best-fit results. Simply choose an option for transport and/or accommodation and select Trip summary.

The platform will now allow you to choose comfort and flexibility preferences* and add additional luggage*. You can also select the type of room and type of fare (board type, flexibility) for the hotel, from the gear icon. Once done, select Confirm my choices.

Lastly, choose a project code** in the drop-down list (or create a new project code if necessary). Click on Book and pay or Ask for Approval if an approbation is required to finalize the booking of the trip.

That's it! The trip is booked and prepaid by your company.

Note 1: If an approval process has been activated for your organisation, the relevant person will be notified to approve/reject your travel request. Upon approval, the trip will be immediately booked

Note 2: Have more specific questions? Check out the sections of the FAQ.

*Not available with all airlines
**Not all Fairjungle accounts have the project code feature activated

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