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Exchange or Cancel your flights
Exchange or Cancel your flights
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Modification and cancellation of your flights are not available yet on the platform. However, do not worry, our support team is available at to assist you regarding this type of request:

  • Modification of the traveling dates

  • Flights cancellation

  • Extra luggage

  • Selection of a specific seat

  • Addition of a loyalty program

⚠️ For any very urgent request, please contact us by chat or by SMS at +33 7 57 59 37 00

Please note that when you click on the 'Cancel' button below a flight reservation on your Mytrips space, it sends a notification to our support team. An agent will get back to you

to you regarding the fare conditions of the reservation. However, this action does not entail the immediate cancellation of the flights, nor the corresponding refund.

Please also consider the following information:

  • Some rates do not allow cancellation or modification

  • Depending on the rate chosen when booking, changes to the reservation may incur additional costs (payment of the difference). Our team will be there to estimate these costs before confirming any changes

  • Some flight cancellation/modification requests are dependent on the fact that you have already checked in online (for example, it is not possible to cancel a flight on which you have already checked in; or sometimes, the addition of baggage is only possible once online check-in is open)

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