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Modify or cancel your hotel reservation
Modify or cancel your hotel reservation
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You can cancel your hotel reservations directly via our platform.

In the hotel industry, it's often impossible to modify a reservation in the strict sense of the word: a modification usually is a cancellation followed by a new booking. In that sense, you can also modify your bookings directly on Fairjungle!

To cancel a booking, simply go to your Trips tab, select your trip, and click on Cancel.

Before clicking on Cancel, be sure to check the cancellation conditions displayed next to this button. The amount of the refund you will be offered depends on the conditions of your booking.

In addition, as indicated in red, if your booking is a group booking, only the entire group can be cancelled directly on the platform.

If your booking cannot be cancelled on the platform for any reason, our support team is available at to assist you with this type of request:

  • Changing the dates of your stay

  • Cancellation of your reservation

  • Specific requests

⚠️ For any very urgent requests, please contact us by chat or SMS at +33 7 57 59 37 00.

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