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[Admin] Paying with a different currency
[Admin] Paying with a different currency

How to pay with a currency other than Euros

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On Fairjungle, all prices are displayed in Euros (€). 

When you add a billing profile you can choose the billing currency. Even though prices are displayed in Euros, you will be billed in the currency of the billing profile at the ECB reference rate.

Example: John Doe is linked to the billing profile "Corporation - UK", whose payment is in Pounds (GBP). On the platform, John picks a €200 flight for his next business trip. Fairjungle will charge ~£175 once the booking is confirmed and the receipt and invoice will both be in Pounds (GBP). 

Fairjungle does not make any exchange rate profit.


If you wish to pay with another currency, you can modify the relevant billing profile in the Admin > Billing profiles section of Fairjungle. As direct debit is made through the SEPA system, which only allows transactions in Euros, the change of currency is only available for payments by card or bank transfer.

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