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How do I know which train fare I have chosen on Fairjungle ?

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You will find below a summary of the prices available for SNCF tickets that you can book on Fairjungle:

  • No Flex Fare

SNCF sometimes offers more attractive rates, but they are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If you are not sure about traveling on specific dates, this rate is not to be preferred, as it will not be possible to obtain a refund or to postpone the trip to a later date.

  • Semi-Flex Fare (Leisure: 2nd and 1st class)

Semi-Flex fares allow cancellation or modification free of charge up to 7 days before departure. On D-6, €19 fees are charged for cancellation and modification.

Be careful, in case of modification, in addition to the €19 fees, a fare adjustment may apply if the new train selected is more expensive than the previous one.

  • Flex Fare (Pro : Pro 2nd, Business 1st, Liberté)

Flex fare allow cancellation or modification free of charge up to 30 minutes after the departure of the train.

The Flex fare in 2nd class is only available if the traveler has a valid Carte Liberté or if his/her company has a professional contract with SNCF. The Flex Fare in 1st is available for everyone. These fares are fixed for a given route, regardless of the date of travel or availability

  • Avantages Fare

    • Avantages Jeune Card

      Discount on semi-flex fares: the fare is capped according to the duration of the trip

    • Avantages Adulte Card

      Discount on Leisure/Semi Flex fares subject to conditions:

      • Round trip with at least one weekend day or night on site

      • One way: travel on Saturday or Sunday

    • Liberté Card

      Discount on Flex fares with the Liberté Fare

      Discount on Semi Flex fares with the Advantage Fare :

      • Round trip with at least one weekend day or night on site

      • One way: travel on Saturday or Sunday

⚠️ Please note, if you book train tickets with the Avantage round-trip fare, you will not be able to modify or cancel your ticket if the conditions are not respected anymore.

Proceeding with the reservation

On Fairjungle, you have the ability to choose your fare by clicking on 'See All Trains' :

The fare conditions of the selected tickets are detailed just below the timetables and the fare:

The rates selected and the associated conditions are also mentioned on the next page:

Here, the outbound was selected in 2nd class semi-flex and the inbound was selected in 1st flex.

After the booking was made

After the reservation, you can find the condition directly on your e-ticket (send by email with the confirmation email).

Your ticket is flexible and you would like to cancel it? This article will help!

If you have a doubt about the conditions for canceling or modifying your ticket, write to us via our chat or at, we will be happy to help you! 🚋

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