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How to book for several travellers on Fairjungle ?

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On Fairjungle, you can book up to nine employees, as long as they are registered in the user base.

To book a trip for a group, go to your booking page.

How to add passengers ?

On the search form, you will be able to add or modify the passenger list :

  • The user list only includes your name by default. If you want to book for someone else, replace your name with the one of the traveler.

  • If the traveler is on the user list, you only need to start typing their name. You will then be able to select it from the list at the right.

  • The "add a passenger" field allows you to add up to nine users.

  • All you have to do now is click on "Search" at the bottom of the page to continue your reservation.

N.B: If you do not find the person in the list on the right, contact your Admin so that he can add him to your company's user base.



  • Cancellation of a ticket for 1 person will cancel the reservation for all.

  • PRO SNCF contracts are taken into account.

  • Travelers' fare reductions are applied individually, but the price of the trip displayed will be global.


  • Negotiated rates and loyalty programs (e.g. Flying Blue) are taken into account

  • Discount cards are not taken into account (Air France subscription for example)

  • Adding luggage is homogeneous: adding a piece of luggage in the travel options allows each traveler to carry an additional piece of luggage.


  • The same room type is selected for all travelers.

  • 1 room is reserved per traveler.

  • Above 3 people, the inventory may be limited, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

  • If one of the travelers has to cancel his room, we will have to cancel the entire booking and rebook the other rooms, with no guarantee to keep the initial rate.


  • The price of the individual booking is always divided equally among the travelers. For example, if the price of the trip for 2 people is 200€, each traveler will be charged 100€.

  • All analytical information (cost centers, payment profiles, etc.) is well maintained.


  • If travelers are subject to validation, a manager's approval validates the trip for the entire group.

Booking for more than 9 people

If you would like to book for nine or more people, please send an email to the Support Team at with the names of all travelers, dates, itinerary, desired times, and the name of the hotel if you need accommodation.

The Support Team will get back to you shortly with a quote!

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