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Understand your Fairjungle invoice
Understand your Fairjungle invoice

What is an active user and what do different invoices correspond to ?

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Navigate to the Invoices tab from your Admin area to access detailed information on all your reservations, including date, price, description, the billing profile used, and reservation status. You can also download PDF invoices based on your preferred billing method - either per transaction or on a monthly basis.

Fairjungle creates two types of invoices :

  • Travel invoices cover all Hotel, Train, and Flight reservations:

Snippet from a monthly invoice

Snippet from an immediate invoice

  • Subscription Invoices: Your account is charged per active user at €XX excl. VAT per month for your plan. An active user is defined as an employee who travels during the month, regardless of the number of bookings. If no employees travel in a given month, no charges apply.

    For N traveling employees, charges amount to N*XX (excl. VAT).

Note: You can also review all your company's reservations. By downloading the file, you'll also find your analytical data.

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