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Discover the guest feature and how to use it

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What is a guest profile and when to use it?

Occasionally, you may have to manage bookings on behalf of someone who would not normally log on to the Fairjungle platform (a third party, a one-off guest, etc.).

In this case, you must be able to manage bookings for this guest.

That's why we've introduced the Guest feature.

How it works

Adding a guest to the platform can only be done by a user with a guest creator role.

To find out how to add a new role, refer to this article.

Guests are added via the search interface.

To do this:

  • Go to the tab “+New”

  • As you would with a traditional booking, you will enter the destination and type of trip required.

  • When selecting the traveler for this trip, you will have the option of adding a guest (you need to actually start typing the traveler's name for the "Add a new guest" button to show):

  • A form will appear:

Please note that all fields are mandatory and must be completed!

Here are some information about the said field:

  • First and last name: fill in the guest's name and surname

  • Contact e-mail: fill in the e-mail address for the person who has to receive all e-mail communications relating to the booking.

    • Please note: if the contact e-mail entered here does not belong to the guest who will take this trip, then the e-mail address' owner will have to forward all communications received to the guest, if and when applicable.

  • Date of birth: the guest's date of birth

  • Phone number: the guest's phone number

  • Guest visibility and sharing: the various options are explained in the [Guest profile sharing] section below

  • Payment profile: by default, the payment profile will be copied from this trip's booker, but can be modified

  • Cost center: by default, the cost center will be copied from this trip's booker, but can be modified

  • Manager / Validator: by default, the validator will be copied from this trip's booker, but can be modified

Define your guest profile's sharing options

  • 1st option - Unshared: the profile is not shared, and therefore cannot be found and used by other employees. Only the Guest Creator who created the guest will be able to book for them.

  • 2nd option - Shared: other employees can access the guest's profile and make reservations for them.

  • 3rd option - Shared and editable: other employees can book for this guest and modify their information - this feature is not yet available, but will be activated as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager, or use our live chat via the small bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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