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[Admin] Immediate billing with analytical fields
[Admin] Immediate billing with analytical fields

Find your company's informations on your invoice

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Thanks to Fairjungle, you can find some analytical data on each invoice, so that it can be used by your accounting team :

  • You'll find the analytical information associated with your Fairjungle account, such as cost centers and project codes.

  • It is also possible to add data from custom fields.

    Your Account Manager can create for you custom fields to be filled in by your employees at each trip booking.

If your Fairjungle account is set up for immediate billing, it is possible to add analytical fields to your invoices. Just ask your account manager who will be able to set up this feature for you. Monthly invoices do not display this king of data.

Let's discover the two types of fields you can add to your invoices.

I. Basic analytical fields

These fields allow you to display some booking data on your invoices. In the basic fields you will find the following list :

  • Booking date

  • Cost center

  • Payment reference

  • Project code

These basic fields will appear on each invoice without any action required on your part, make sure you activate the cost centers and project codes. They will appear as in the example below :

II. The custom fields

These fields are specific to your company account and can be set up by your Account Manager. They can then be filled in by your employees at the end of each booking.

For example, if you often need to re-invoice your customers for travel, you can create a "To be re-invoiced" field.

This data can appear on your invoices, but also in the Excel extracts, to allow you to have as much visibility as possible.

Here is the result of the custom field "To be re-invoiced" on a Fairjungle invoice :

It is possible to add as many custom fields as needed.

Do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager for any additional information, he or she will be happy to answer you !

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