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[Admin] Optimizing your Fairjungle account configuration
[Admin] Optimizing your Fairjungle account configuration

Learn how to make the most of Fairjungle in 7 steps

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  1. If you still don’t have a travel policy in place, utilize our pre-configured templates

    Our business travel experts have established four pre-configured travel policy templates for you. Feel free to contact your Account Manager to quickly set them up.

  2. Ease the burden on your managers, opt for conditional approval

    Instead of mandating approval requests for every booking, trust our pre-configured travel policies to set up approval only in case of budget overruns.

    This way, you can control your budget while saving time for your users and managers.

  3. Create multiple travel policies per business unit

    From occasional travelers to executive board members, your employees may have different travel needs and budgets.

    On Fairjungle, you can create as many travel policies as there are types of business unit within your company.

  4. Activate the Green option and encourage train travel

    Are you looking to encourage your employees to book train travel?

    With Fairjungle’s Green option, you can choose to always recommend train journeys when available. This will help limit carbon emissions, making your company greener 🍃

  5. Create cost centers and project codes and customize your analytical accounting

    Centralizing your bookings on Fairjungle not only saves you time but also allows you to monitor your expenses.

    With cost center and project code options, you have two powerful tools to control your expenses by teams and/or reasons for travel.

  6. Grant an Accountant role to your accounting team

    Would you like to enable certain users to view operation statements and invoices without allowing them to intervene in the account settings?

    By assigning them the Accountant role, you empower the concerned users to only access the Invoices and Operations tabs, enabling them to independently manage your company’s expenses.

  7. Explore automation possibilities by connecting to our API

    Fairjungle’s API is free and universal. By integrating with our system, you can explore options for integrating HRIS, SSO, provisioning, ERP, to automate data flows as much as possible.

    If this interests you, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Account Manager, who will guide you through this setup.

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