Setting up your Fairjungle business account is simple and takes just a few minutes. Start by navigating to the Admin section in the menubar.

In order for your teams to book flights and/or hotels, you'll need to complete one or more Billing profiles (Billing profiles tab), where you can enter a method of payment and corresponding billing information (learn more here).

Your account is now ready for your teams to book travel! ✈️

You can further customise your account by:

  • Managing your cost centres (Cost centers tab): create different cost centres and assign them to specific users

  • Managing your projects (Projects tab): add project codes that users can add to their bookings

  • Managing your users (Users tab): add new users, manager their roles (administrator, manager), and assign them to a specific billing profile or cost centre

You can also check your invoices/receipts and download a comprehensive report (Invoices tab).

Questions? All our experts are here to help via chat or email (

Note: You can ask your account manager to activate certains options for you anytime (project code, validation module)

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