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[Admin] Set up your Fairjungle account
[Admin] Set up your Fairjungle account

Customize your business account for a quick start !

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Welcome to Fairjungle !

You are an administrator, you have created an account on Fairjungle and you want to set it up for your company ?

You'll find all you need by going to your Admin area, where you can set everything up in a few minutes.

To perform the basic setup required to allow your teams to book their trips, you will need to :


In addition, you can further customize your account by managing :

Your account is ready to be used by your teams! ✈️

After your first trips are booked, your will also be able to view your invoices/receipts and download your Excel report by clicking the Invoices and Operations tabs.

Do you need some more information? Feel free to contact your Account Manager for any questions about the settings of your Fairjungle account!

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