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[Admin] Set up your Fairjungle account
[Admin] Set up your Fairjungle account
Customize your business account for a quick start !
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Welcome to Fairjungle !

You are an administrator, you have created an account on Fairjungle and you want to set it up for your company ?

You'll find all you need by going to your Admin area, where you can set everything up in a few minutes.

To perform the basic setup required to allow your teams to book their trips, you will need to :


In addition, you can further customize your account by managing :

You can also view your invoices/receipts and download your report by clicking the Invoices and Operations tabs.

Your account is ready to be used by your teams! ✈️

Do you need more information ? All our experts can help you on the chat !

N.B. : At any time, don't hesitate to contact your account manager to get some advice on how to set up your account.

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